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About Switch Management

Switch Management Limited was formed in 1991 specialising in solving technical problems, developing new products and managing projects. In carrying out project and interim management commissions it became apparent that many organisations required assistance in complying with the plethora of Health & Safety Regulations.

Existing H&S; companies we found to be somewhat indiscriminate in their approach and supplied vast amounts of unnecessary documentation, most of which was not applicable and certainly not geared to allowing a business to function. Switch Management with its experience of running companies and with its knowledge of the health & safety field set up its own health & safety division to support small to medium sized businesses.

Switch has produced and helped implement over 1000 health & safety management systems to date and the basis (with a complete on-going update service) has received much praise from professionals in the field including Health & Safety Executive Inspectors and local environment Health Officers. As our reputation grew, larger organisations have taken advantage of our “no nonsense” approach, our response to the ever increasing need for businesses to comply with social legislation, whilst operating with decreasing human resource.