Display Screen Assessments

Display Screen Assessments

  • All employees should be assessed to determine if they are categorised as display screen users. All users should have a formal display screen assessment carried out as part of their induction training and subsequently at two yearly intervals.

  • Training is required for display screen users. Training must cover the health & safety aspects of using workstations and the mechanics of the job and would include:

    · adjustments of furniture and equipment as well as how and why they should be used.
    · achieving optimum workstation layout
    · inspection and maintenance procedures including cleaning
    · arrangements for and the importance of taking breaks
    · eye and eyesight testing entitlements and arrangements
    · the DSE regulations and the emplyer’s and user’s roles in meeting them

  • Display Screen Equipment training

  • Switch can carry out the assessments/training for each individual employee. As well as ensuring staff receive the necessary instruction Switch can also train selected staff to carry out future work station assessments for your own employees using the documentation and procedures held (or they can be supplied).